Friday, January 1, 2016

What Is The Best Selfie Stick On Amazon ?

Here?s a thing that?s quickly becoming a part of our shared reality normal, red-blooded, humans, have embraced a new tool of self-expression, designed to enhance our fragile planet?s favorite past-time. It?s called the ?selfie stick? and people are going absolutely crazy over it.

The bestselling rated top quality universal selfie extendable handheld smart for all phones / camera stick holder monopod is stickitpro, it?s found on amazon here and will make your self-portrait shots easy to use and will look beautiful. This cell phone gadget is good for iphone 6, Samsung, etc. You have the option with auto shutter, bluetooth, and remote. You can also buy this for wireless digital camera, gopro, etc. Get them at Amazon.

The stickitpro is adjustable up to a relatively short 31 inches from the base of its wide rubber handle to the plastic ball tip hinge at the tip of its aluminum alloy arm. It measures just over 27.94 by 3.6cm (LW) when it's reduced to its shortest form, which is narrower than selfie sticks that use cradles to hold your smartphone rather than clamps. I prefer the twist-and-lock-style arm here over traditional telescopic arms, as it gives the stick a sturdier feel.

While selfie sticks have been around for more than 7-8 years, it wasn?t until last year that they got immensely popular, not just among the photographers but everyone owning a Smartphone with front camera. There are too many variety of selfie sticks available in the market today, and as always, more are the choices, greater is the confusion to select the best one.

Available in black, the ultralight extendable carbon arm is easy to handle and maneuver. The rechargeable?selfie stick with Bluetooth?can be used for three days on a single charge for convenience. The carbon construction provides a lightweight unit, allowing it to be carried on any trek or journey without tiring the user or sacrificing durability. It comes complete with the company?s two-year warranty.

The snapping of self-portraits has become a worldwide phenomenon and one of the most prominent forms of self-expression. From presidents and astronauts to the next door neighbor, everyone is taking selfies, but to encompass larger groups or to ensure inclusion of wider backgrounds and landmarks, a selfie stick is required.


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